Voter ID Card in Delhi

Voter ID Card is provided by Govt. of India (through state govt.) to a voter for identification and for voting purpose. †Indian citizens are eligible for vote in elections period through Voter ID Card.

Any Indian citizen can cast vote after 18 years. Age will be calculated as on 1st Jan of the year. †The Election commission department has right to issues the Voter ID card all over India.

Voter ID Card is one of the most imortant document for identification purpose and can be used to open a Bank Account, Telehphone Connection, Driving Licesene and can cast vote.

Voter ID Card†indicate†below†details:

1) Elector’s Name
2) Father’s Name
3) Sex
4) Age

Documents required for voter ID Card

  • Driving License
  • Passport
  • PAN card
  • Ration Card
  • Service identity card in case of State and Central Government
  • Passbook issued by bank or post office
  • Property document with deed and photograph.
  • Pension document
  • SC/ST/OBC document issued by a competent authority
  • Freedom fighter identity card
  • Student identity card issued by competent authority
  • Railway identification card
  • Armís License
  • Certificate of Physical Handicap by Competent authority
In case the person does not have a Voter ID card the individual can carry any of these to the polling booth and cast his vote.

Voter Registration Forms

  • Form 6 : For inclusion of names
  • Form 6A : For inclusion of names for overseas electors
  • Form 7 : For any objection on inclusion of names
  • Form 8 : For correction of entries in the Electoral Rolls
  • Form 8A : For transposition of entry in electoral roll
  • Form 13F & G
    : Appointment of proxy by classified service voter to give vote / Revocation of appointment of proxy or Appointment of substitute proxy by classified service voter to give vote.